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ASMAC Annual Fall Conference (in person and virtual) October 14 – 17, 2021

2020 Virtual Fall Conference

ASMAC’s first-ever virtual fall conference will be an exceptional must-attend online experience that kicks off on Friday, October 2. It’s been quite a year and now is the time to come together to feel the connections, lift each other up, and learn as much as we can to continue our important work! Session topics include: Racism and Implicit Bias in Medicine  |  Legal Issues Caused by COVID-19   |  The Impact of COVID-19 on Physician Practices  |  The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Race to a Vaccine  |  When Pharmacies Blacklist Physician Prescriptions  |  Update on Physician Health Programs  |    Litigation Updates

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Take advantage of our all-access pass to the entire ASMAC fall conference material below. We are still transitioning to a virtual format and have taken this opportunity to focus on contemporary legal and public health issues. As the world searches for relief from a pandemic and we come face to face with the impacts of racial inequalities in our workplaces, medical systems and neighborhoods, take time to join your ASMAC colleagues and work together toward change.  Registration includes a copy of the New York Times bestseller “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo.

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TUESDAY – November 10, 2020   |   12:00 PM EST  –  NEW

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Litigation Update: Recent Lawsuits Targeting Tobacco  (1 CLE)

Faculty: Leonard Nelson, JD, American Medical Association, Phillip Gardiner, Dr. P.H., Janus Norman, California Medical Association

Description: This session will cover background information on menthol flavored cigarettes and the health consequences of the failure to regulate the sale of those cigarettes, particularly in the African-American community, legal efforts to prod the FDA into action, including the AATCLC, ASH, and AMA v. HHS lawsuit, and the legislative efforts underway in California.

Physician Health Programs Update   (1 CLE)

Faculty: Daniel Blaney Koen, JD, American Medical Association, Maureen Dinnan, JD, HAVEN, Kenneth Lehman, JD, Bernstein Shur, Richard Levenstein, JD, Nason Yeagar

Description: This session will provide an update of recent issues and developments taking place in several physician health programs in the United States.

Friday – October 2, 2020 – CLOSED

Racism: A Public Health Crisis

Speakers and Facilitators:

  • Francisco Silva, JD, Senior Vice President, California Medical Association
  • Debra Cohn, JD, Senior Washington Counsel, American Medical Association
  • Almeta Cooper, JD, Principal, The AECooper Group
  • Brian Vandenberg, JD, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, American Medical Association

DescriptionThe purpose of this session is to reinforce inclusive behavior and language and ensure that anti-discrimination, inclusion, and equal opportunity are strategic priorities for medical societies, health care, and physician workplaces. This session will include updates from several medical societies as well as an opportunity for small group discussion. Registration for this session includes a copy of the New York Times bestseller “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo

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Saturday – October 3, 2020  –  CLOSED

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Arctic Survival Teambuilding Activity  (2 CLE)

Human Synergistics Virtual Professional Development Program

Description:  Entertaining, Social and CLE-Eligible!  This is an interesting educational activity. It’s unusual for and activity to be educational, social and engaging. There’s more to this exercise than simple team building. For this challenge, you will be working in small groups to solve an age-old question – “What is most import to the group’s survival?”

Join us to learn more about your colleagues, arctic survival and the importance of the work we do together!

TUESDAY – October 13, 2020  –  CLOSED



Faculty: Tom Conley, JD (Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP), Richard Levenstein, JD (Nason Yeager Gerson Harris & Fumero, PA), Greg Pepe, JD (Neubert, Pepe & Monteith, PC)

Description: This session will focus on the legal experiences and lessons learned during the pandemic. Speakers will discuss legal issues and implications of practice issues, PPP Loans, real estate use issues caused by COVID-19.


Faculty: Emily Carroll, JD, American Medical Association, Kimberly Horvath, JD, American Medical Association, Alexis Pierce, JD, American Medical Association,  Kyle Thomson, JD, American Medical Association, 

DescriptionThis session will cover important developments caused by pandemic conditions including tele-health; scope of practice, access to coverage & special enrollments, and vaccines.

Impacts of COVID-19
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TUESDAY – October 20, 2020   –  CLOSED


Faculty: Daniel Blaney-Koen, JD, American Medical Association, Cassie Korando, JD, Shawnee Health Services and Development Corporation, David Porter, Illinois State Medical Society, David Steed, JD, Cornelius & Collins, LLP

DescriptionFollowing the publication in 2016 of CDC’s opioid prescribing guidelines, many state legislatures, health insurance companies, pharmacy chains and PBMs decided to enact, implement and require strict thresholds for prescriptions of opioid analgesics. While these actions all have largely embraced arbitrary thresholds and created incredible challenges for many patients with pain, there have been additional, unintended consequences.

This session will explore the use of arbitrary—and proprietary—decision-making processes by pharmacies and others to place physicians on de facto “blacklists” whereby a pharmacy informs a physician that he or she will no longer be able to have any prescriptions for a controlled substance filled by that pharmacy chain. You will hear from attorneys whose clients have received such letters, the lengths that have been undertaken to resolve the issue(s), and the impact on the physicians and their patients.

Pharmacy Presentation
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TUESDAY – October 20, 2020   –   CLOSED

Operation Warp Speed
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Faculty: Robert Popovian, PharmD, Pfizer, Inc

Description: This session will cover important developments caused by pandemic conditions including telemedicine; vaccines (pharmacy scope of practice), testing mandates, and scope of practice.

Other webinar topics in the works….


This is a time of great change and ASMAC remains committed to providing quality continuing education.