What does membership mean to you?

Membership means COMMUNITY.

  • Many lifelong professional and personal friendships start here.
  • Membership connects you to peers, colleagues, and mentors throughout the United States.
  • ASMAC offers several workgroup sections to help members connect around policy issues and professional interests.
  • ASMAC groups are a great way to expand your network, it’s worth the investment in yourself.

Membership means CONNECTION. 

  • ASMAC's unique resources and membership connects you with a network of specialized attorneys and healthcare advocates.
  • Membership connects you with peers, colleagues, and mentors throughout the United States who can help and empower change at the local and grassroots level.
  • The ASMAC community is a welcoming professional organization - ASMAC members recognize and appreciate the expertise and skills our members share in discussion, CLE events and team building activities.

Membership means SHARING. 

  • The most valuable resource is ASMAC’s network – knowing that you have colleagues who are ready to provide insight or share resources is a valuable investment in your career.
  • Knowing and understanding the momentum behind healthcare issues is vital to being an effective advocate. The ASMAC community understands the importance of sharing work products and advocacy insights. 
  • ASMAC’S programs offer in-depth training and education to help you stay up to date with CLE requirements.
  • If you need resources, the ASMAC resource library is updated case files, white papers and links to help connect you with cutting edge information to help you and your organization.

Membership means RESPECT.

  • When you join ASMAC, you join a community that wants to hear from you, and we are committed to improving and building a culture of professionalism, inclusion and equity. ASMAC's Commitment
  • If you are interested in leadership opportunities, there’s always room on one of our committees and workgroups. Your membership gives you exclusive access to many leadership-building opportunities.
ASMAC members are part of a national network of healthcare attorneys and advocates. This is a small professional association with deep and far-reaching expertise. Like when you connect with your local community and network, members draw on the experience, work and expertise of others. ASMAC helps members to be more effective advocates for their organizations and clients. 
If you are interested in presenting or public speaking, we want to hear from you! Let us know what you want to talk about. The program committee welcomes contributions and suggestions from members.  Volunteer or make a request.