About ASMAC®

The American Society of Medical Association Counsel (ASMAC®) is the professional association of roughly 150 attorneys and physician advocates. Through its more than 40 member organizations, ASMAC® members help advance the healthcare industry through legal education, collaboration, and leadership development.

Member organizations include state, state specialty, national specialty and private practice attorneys working on behalf of physicians and physician interests.  Formed in 1974 to address emerging healthcare law issues collaboratively, ASMAC® works to bring out the very best education each year so members and their organizations can provide the highest standard on legal advocacy.

Representing organized medicine in today’s environment is a complex task. The needs of members and the physicians they work with are constantly evolving. The staff, Board of Directors, and committees work closely with members to assess those needs and provide innovative programs to work on some of the biggest challenges to health care. ASMAC® offers powerful and timely resources including a member list-serve and conferences that offer opportunities for information sharing and networking. ASMAC officers are committed to providing affordable professional member resources and opportunities.

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ASMAC’s mission is to cultivate a diverse community of attorneys and medical association advocates that serves as the premier source of the latest legal information and a collaborative network leading to effective advocacy on behalf of physicians, the medical profession and the public health.


Collaborating to empower healthcare attorneys and advocates for a thriving medical profession and healthy communities.


ASMAC’s membership consists of medical society attorneys and advocates and attorneys in private practice who devote a substantial portion of their practice to representing physicians. As such, its offers a unique network of individuals with expertise in a wide range of issues faced by medical societies, physicians, and physicians’ practices whose expertise other ASMAC members can quickly draw on when faced with problems not in their personal wheelhouse. 

Through ASMAC’s in-person and virtual CLE programs, its issue-specific work groups, its web-site, and other resources, ASMAC members stay up-to-date on the latest laws and issues impacting physicians and collaborate to identify and address these issues.  In short, ASMAC is not just a professional association:  it is a community of attorneys and advocates working and having fun together to solve common problems with the goal of ensuring thriving physician practices, successful medical societies, and quality patient care.